About me 🎤

Ola Torch first picked up the microphone in front of an audience over 10 years ago in 2006. Ola Torch was actually more predominantly known as a music artist in the making amongst his peers. Little did he know this was also the beginning of a journey in hosting. Touring all over England with a music competition company gave him an opportunity to engage with a diverse range of people at a young age. 

Fast forward to university he took on hosting plenty of events along with a weekly slot on the local radio station. 

From there he has been trusted to take the steering wheel of many events from weddings, birthdays, showcases, games nights, networking events to festivals. Any event that requires a person to keep your guests engaged and entertained. There is no event too big or too small, Ola Torch will make it a special memory.

Ola Torch’s style is relaxed, yet personable whilst infusing the all important banter. He is sure to bring joy to your occasion ensuring you are satisfied. 

The process just doesn’t start on the event day. It begins before by getting to know the celebrants or organisers ensuring important messages are conveyed and important features are incorporated. 

Growing up in London and in an African household, Ola Torch has been exposed to a wide variety of cultures which enables him to successfully engage any and every crowd.

So what’s next?
Get in contact straight away to find out how to make your special occasion a time for you to remember.