What sort of events do you cover?
I have covered all types of events, from weddings, to showcases, to games nights, to networking events. Long story short, if a man with a microphone is required to make the day better – I’m the one.

What other services can you provide?
My focus is on the hosting, however, please head over to the partners page to check out a number of services you may need, you may even catch a few discount codes when booked through me. 😀 Feel free to ask me as I can point you in the right direction.

How much will you cost?
This all depends on what level of service you require from myself along with location.

Where are you based?
London, UK.

Are you willing to travel?
Definitely, willing to travel where you need to including abroad.

Of course the above list is not complete and I imagine you will that burning question so please get in touch right away:- contact@olatorch.com .